Syncretic Religious Practice: Benebell Chimes In #4

In her most recent blog post, Benebell Chimes In #4, Benebell Wen succinctly describes what I have struggled to name about my own practice. Finally there is a way for me to integrate all the elements that resonate with me so that I have a holistic view of my own spirituality. What’s more is that there is a historical basis for this in Chinese culture which stands as a precedent to other religions having integrated (and perhaps plagiarised) elements from more ancient or geographically close civilizations. I love how she describes how sensitive/empathic people would pick up on the energies from visiting a spiritually unique culture and that it would not be unusual to integrate those energies and the spiritual practices of the culture into one’s existing practice. This post has much to offer anyone who is feeling confused or is wrestling with finding the ‘right’ way to commune with the Holy Spirit/God/Deity in their life.

Syncretic Religious Practice – benebell wen

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