When Tragedy Strikes

I used to ask where God was when tragedy struck the world.  That was when I was young.  Now I ask where humanity is when it seems that the more things change and the more time goes by the more things seem the same and appear to be going backwards.

How does anyone make sense of the senseless?  Most people become numb, or angry, or flippant.  Mostly I just try to not watch the news and focus on taking care of my own in this world.  When people ask me…”oh, did you hear what happened this morning?”.  I know that it’s bad news…I know it means death and destruction and senselessness.  What can I do about it other than add to the depressing conversation that is bound to happen.  “Yes, that’s terrible, isn’t it?”…followed by “no, I don’t know what this world is coming to either?”.  What can I do other than choose to not involve myself in long and pointless discussions about the futility of trying to make the world sane again.  Gun control isn’t the only answer…mental health is right up there with what is broken in America and everywhere else in the world.  But how do I support that belief if I subject myself to endless hours of CNN reconstructions of the crime scene and what led Mr. X to kill innocent people?  Doesn’t mental health start with me?  Don’t I owe it to my children and grandchildren to NOT give them a sense of dread about the world?  Don’t I owe it to them to show them that life is precious by living it as joyfully and fully as possible?  If I do that, could I be part of breaking the cycle that seems to be leading other hopeless, anxiety and PTSD ridden individuals to decide to end their lives while taking a few others with them?  Yes, mental health is certainly the answer to stalling the progression of the world into madness.  It is all of our responsibilities to honour the dead, make some healthy connections with people who may be despairing in times like these and to re-establish the human connections that make humanity so wonderful.  I choose to honour the human lives I’m responsible for by bringing a sense of hope and understanding of the human condition and with an attitude of resilience when the world seems to fall out from under your feet.  

There will always be some tragedy waiting to strike just around the corner….the question is how we choose to recover from it and carry on with life.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s a fine line between becoming a Pollyanna and being an “The End is Near” kind of parent/grandparent. How to find balance in this world of extremes? A good topic for another article!


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