A Halloween Haul

Halloween is one of my favourite days of the year.  I love the spookiness, the costumes, the dance with the macabre.  Last year I dressed up as a Gypsy and went to the hospital where I work at and read tarot cards for my fellow employees.  The costume was epic enough that I took a few selfies (something I rarely do) and found that I was channelling the always controversial Ms. Helena Blavatsky.

It was the most fun I’d had in a long time!

So, how to top last year?  Start earlier and go bigger!  

So I went to the thrift store hoping for some inspiration.  In the past I’ve scored a total of two brass Tibetan singing bowls, a crystal ball, several Bhudda’s, numerous crystals and stones, various masks and Tarot decks.  

This last trip I found an interesting book on Gothic Poetry and Frankenstein and decided to share some pictures of  the books along with my Vampire Tarot deck (by Robert M. Place).  I think I’ll use this deck to complete my costume this year and give my co-workers an extra spooky treat!

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