Hay House Hipocrisy

In the wake of what is now known as Doreengate, Hay House (the New Age publisher that helped launch and maintain Doreen Virtues luminous career) has decided to also ignore the fundamental problem of Doreen’s conversion to Christianity.  Several complaints have been made to Hay House’s website (as they continue to manage customer care for Angeltherapy.com) to inquire about refunds for Doreen’s Angel Therapy certification course.  Hay House has stated it cannot issue refunds on Doreen’s products and that any inquiries should be made to Doreen herself.  This poses a problem however, because Doreen refuses to deal directly with anyone who has been asking for refunds or who has any comments or questions about Doreen’s denounciation of Tarot and Oracle readings as “dark” and “low” energy.  In re-watching Doreen’s (comments disabled) YouTube video, I am struck by the cherry-picking of the scriptures and misinterpretation of certain passages.  For instance, she states that how she knows that the Jesus she saw in her vision is the REAL Jesus because “by their fruits, they shall be known”.  What fruits did the ‘overshadowing’ of the minister of the image of Jesus provide as a demonstration of veritas?  Absolutely none.  Nor did she ‘test’ the spirit claiming to be Jesus to see if it was in fact the Son of God.  She took it as a basis in fact, and realized that to be part of a new community of open-minded Christians (rather than the God-fearing Fundamentalist Baptists), she could still get away with selling Oracle decks and Angel courses while giving her testimonial of being freed from the forces of Dark Energy.     How convenient.

This of course, would present a marketing nightmare for both Doreen and her publishers Hay House, who still continue to sell her products and promote Doreen Virtue (but refuse to provide refunds) who believes that the demons made her do it.  In fact, she is plugging her visit to Australian audiences where she plans on discussing Angel messages (wait, what??) and oracle cards.  Do I smell a waffle here?

I notice that Doreen is appearing in Australia with Radleigh Valentine to provide a 3 day Angel Intuitive Certification course.  These screenshots provide evidence of the hipocrisy that is being promoted via Hay Houses website.  How can Doreen Virtue be part of bringing the forces of Dark Energy to the land down under and call herself a Christian?

Doreen apparently still supports the use of Angels to communicate with God.  She believes that foods have spiritual energy that opens up intuition (third eye chakra).  She supports the use of Angels cards to provide miracles in the areas of relationships, abundance, health, etc.  She still endorses the use of Angels and Archangels which is in complete opposition to her comments in her videos where she states our only relationship with God should be a direct one.  What use are Angels then if we can ask God directly for help and guidance through prayer (and not fruits and veggies and cards) alone?  The answer comes to the tune of $645 AUD/ $824 USD iif you get in on the early-bird discount.

Big thanks to Lisa Eddy of Angelorum.co who has led the call to expose the ongoing spiritual and financial pilfering of the New Age/Tarot/Pagan/ community by Hay House and Doreen Virtue.  There is now a growing call to boycott both Hay House and Doreen Virtue.  I myself have unsubscribed from all HH content and donated any HH published material to the local thrift store where people can get the same information for a few bucks instead of the cost of a months rent.

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    1. Thank you for all your email correspondence that has broken ground for people seeking re-imbursement for their certification courses that no longer have the backing of their creator. Disillusionment is painful but you are helping people make sense of it all.


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