The Moon in Tarot

I recently did a reading for a friend where the moon showed up in five cards from The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan.  It was a result I felt was even more significant than the cards portraying the moon themselves and it brought me to look a little bit into the significance of the moon in Tarot.  The Moon card itself, is well known as the Illusion card, but the Witches Tarot goes a little bit further in adding an element of secrecy, attunement with a ‘witches intuition’ and the revealing of hidden truths.

In terms of an answer to a relationship question, this card alone seemed at first a bit foreboding as if an unpleasant hidden aspect to the relationship (on the heels of the nine of swords) was about to be revealed, but in the context of the other cards also featuring the moon, the message seemed to be about the waning crescent moon itself which seemed altogether more positive and nurturing.   According to Yasmin Boland (Moonology), the waxing crescent moon phase is a time to discard old habits (and especially bad ones), get over unhealthy relationships, fix addictive cycles once and for all and find a way to rest and reflect on the hopeful future that lies ahead when all the garbage has been set at the curb.

Even the Karma card features the new Moon eclipsing the sun as if to confirm that there will be a return of the light in the seekers life once the depths of the personal shadows have been fully explored and confronted.

Boland has this to say on eclipses:

“Eclipses open up portals to another future in the part of our life being triggered.  It’s up to us to jump through these – or not….We can easily get distracted and sidetracked by life (and love) and before we know it, we have wandered off our path.  That’s usually when life feels really hard.  We know we’re not living the way we should.  We get entangled in toxic relationships or caught up in draining jobs.  We’re NOT in the flow!” (Moonology pg. 26)

What I loved about this spread was how much it took me by surprise…that all of the cards featuring moon symbolism showed up to send a message to my dear friend.  And that even the empress who represents the fullness and fertility of the moon herself came to validate the hierophant card which seemed to require a bit of good counselling to completely move my friends life forward in a healthy and joyous way.

It’s no wonder I am continuously enamoured and astonished by the Tarot cards and all they have to teach.

I welcome comments from anyone who cares to add to this ‘lunar’ topic.

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  1. A beautiful interpretation! I always felt that the Moon is a wonderfully positive card rather than a betrayal or some of the negatives attributed to it. How lucky that you were the one reading for your friend!

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