It’s been a 9’s sort of week…

November has never been, historically, a great month for me being an introverted person. My birth numerology is 9 and I am, according to my birth numbers, a Hermit. Being a Hermit in November when the sun is decidedly absent behind a blanket of cloud, probably makes me depressed. Not to the point of a mental health crisis, mind you, but certainly to the point that I feel the effects of the grey overtones in the landscape around me. In the article below, 9 represents two cards, the Hermit and the Moon, both of which appeal to me psychically because of their symbolism and emotionally because of the feelings they evoke within me.

The week has made me feel like wrapping up in a warm blanket with a tea and a good movie (Lake House perhaps?) or even better, a good book (Homer’s Iliad?). The new moon in Scorpio yesterday brought out deep seated emotions that had been brewing all week and I was suddenly thrust into writing ferverently on matters that I had no real stake in. I was spewing rancor because it had been swimming around in my head and festering in my heart. I have also been quite sleep deprived and PMS-ing. Today I have been blogging and looking at other blogs to put it into perspective.

I love what this blogger Chani Nicholas has to say in her article about the Moon in Scorpio that occurred yesterday. It explains exactly how I have been feeling:

We all hold onto lifetimes of pain. Memories. Resentments. Reactions to events that caused us suffering. Emotional patterns that become ruts, developed over decades.

We all hold within us every capacity to heal. Recover. Renew. Transform our sorrows into wells of sweetness to draw upon. Give from. Live from. Build a life of love from.

We are all here to learn the difference between the two.

Lolacolorado at Copper Dragon has this to say about 9’s in the two major Arcana, the Moon and Hermit:

This is the point of reflection, introspection and retrospection…. So look at things, inside that have led you to this point.  9’s are not always easy, they mark a point on the road where you must be fiercely honest with yourself.  And best believe this honesty won’t be in reflection with a mate over coffee, it will be with yourself in a quiet place of potential self acceptance.  This really is the the key, acceptance.  To accept we need to get that clarity that integration offers us.

The majors both allude to the solitary brave journey we must all take.  The call to meditate, start a meditation practice or simply allow time for oneself alone is recommended at this time.  This is the wind down from an intense and obvious process.  It is not the final resting place, but a pause before the triumphant end of this stage (for better or worse, its coming to an end). One thing both these cards have is the moon.  The moon is the symbol of reflection and deep exploration into the subtle, hiding or subconscious parts of self.  With this wisdom of reflection comes the potential for vision, linking all 9’s to a potential visionary aspect.  Remember this is cyclical like the moon, first she reflects, then she wanes into the blackness (void space) of pure creative potential.  This is the vantage point of the retrospective aspects of 9.  There is the potential to understand process and receive new inspiration for the application of knowledge aquired through self study and integration of this current process.  This is honored by the connection the nine has with the Third Eye.

What served your highest good during the past process/ project or engagement.  These are you tools for stepping into the next process/ journey aligned, ready and capable.

What can be detoxed? What did not serve you through the completing project?

Read more Here

Chani reinforces the call to meditate and the nature of our solitary journey mentioned above in the following:

An old wound reawakened will taunt us into believing that our worst fears are true. Telling us that nothing will ever change. Gathering evidence against our progress. It says, “See. I told you so.”

In these moments we can forget to witness our lives from a broader perspective. We can forget that being triggered by something in the present can easily have us hurdling back through time, landing in an emotional pattern from the past. We can forget that being temporarily swallowed by old feelings is an incredibly important and necessary aspect of our growth.

An old wound reawakened is an opportunity to consciously help ourselves through a difficult passage. To help ourselves learn a new strategy. A new response. A new way of working through this reality.

We are not as powerless as we once were.

The new moon in Scorpio arrives on November 18th at 3:42 AM PT.

Scorpio is unwaveringly connected to its own sources of power. It asks for nothing but every ounce of emotional honesty that we’ve got. It does not sugar coat the truth. It does not shy away from the intensity of the moment. It does not cower in the face of a challenge.

It bears down.

It has the stamina to get to the heart of the matter. What some might call an obsession with the truth. No matter the consequences, Scorpio will dig through and into what most would spend their life avoiding. Scorpio holds the horror, the shadow, the refused, forgotten and the feelings of betrayal. Scorpio is a repository for all things that the collective shuns from consciousness. Scorpio reminds us of what we have tried to leave behind. Divorce ourselves from. Wash ourselves clean of.

But what we reject within ourselves holds a piece of our humanity. Everything in us is connected. From the praiseworthy to our greatest disgrace. We have to leave room for all of it.

We reclaim our power overtime if we refuse to deny the truth.

This has been the nature of my New Moon week…realizing that emotional honesty and clarity has been necessary for me to come to terms with. I have needed to ‘cocoon’ myself in home comforts, delving into deeper thoughts on the Tarot as it acts as a lamppost in my dark and dreary November. The outcome has been a renewed purpose and a realignment of my focus with that of the Universe and to submit to all the good and bad it wants to show me. Scorpio reminds me to not fear the truth….Spring is right around the corner.

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