Tarot Fairytale Challenge: Day 1

December’s Tarot Challenge on Tarot Rebels Facebook group starts off with an unusual prompt: “What if Cinderella went to the ball in her regular clothes?”.

For this challenge I chose the Tarots of the Golden Dawn (1995 Lo Scarabeo) deck and laid three cards out as in a past, present, future type of spread as if Cinderella had gone to the gypsy fortune teller after the ball to find out what happened and what to do next.

The gypsy’s conversation with Cindy goes something like this:

Gypsy: Oh, you poor girl, don’t you know that you held your Prince Charming up to a standard far to high for either of you to achieve? You held an image in your head of your white knight of cups bearing you promises of a ‘great love’ and you made assumptions that this was all you and he required to be happy. How vain that you should think that he would meet you at your level, a servant and in tattered rags, and would look any deeper than the soot stains on your cheek and your apron which caused the whole party to snicker and point. While he may have once loved you from afar, the stark reality you present to him is simply something he cannot bear. He realized the futility of a love that transcends all the moment he laid eyes on you and the whispers and giggles of his courtiers instantly woke him from his daydream. The truth of the matter is that you are and always will be beneath him…it’s the natural order of things in the kingdom.

Cindy: I wanted to die right there on the spot!

Gypsy: The 10 of swords certainly confirms that. The question is what are you going to do about it?

Cindy: What can I do? I’m stuck in my horrible family doing the dishes and laundry and housekeeping all day?

Gypsy: Look, you were brave enough to go on what was essentially a blind date, dressed simply as you are day in and day out. To arrive in a fancy gown and sparkly shoes carried by a pumpkin shaped carriage is simply disingenuous. So what if you had gone wearing a mask of falsehood? At some point the real you (the one you wanted him to see) would come out and you’d be facing divorce (or something worse). So this whole thing is a lesson for you that you can’t be anything than what you really are and what you are is not what you wear or what you do, but you have to be a little realistic. The prince would always be in a position of power and you in a position of servitude because your biggest problem isn’t the prince.

Cindy: Really? What is it then?

Gypsy: It’s what’s keeping you a slave to your wicked stepmother in the first place. Running away with Mr. Perfect isn’t going to change anything, it’s going to make you happy temporarily, but in the long run your past will come back to haunt you. It’s the cyclic lesson of things. One day your step mother would try to get your chunk of the royal cheese. You have to take that strength and courage you had to show up to the ball in the first place, and deal with your situation at home. Although, I hear there is a princess in the next kingdom over with a wishing well you could throw your step mother into. Just kidding.

Cindy: So, what you’re saying is that I need to face my problems head on?

Gypsy: Of course you do, and who knows maybe once you feel truly empowered and are living an authentic life Prince Charming will come to you and see you more deeply than your bank account and wardrobe. He’ll certainly treat you in a way that he sees you treating yourself and in that way you can most certainly guarantee will lead to a happily ever after!

Stay tuned for #tarotfairytalechallenge Day 2!

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