Tarot Fairytale Challenge: Day 2

….Where Cinderella returns to question the Gypsy about why her step-mother is evil…..after all, to win a battle of any kind, one must know your enemy!

Cindy: I took your advice, old woman, and returned home to reclaim my power and confront my evil step-mother. Instead I came home to find my step mother crying in her chambers, apparently suffering some sort of breakdown. Turns out the step-sisters she preened over so much had decided that travelling to far off lands in search of adventure was more their style and so they’d packed their things and left. Suddenly, I was alone with a disheveled old woman whom I now pitied rather than feared. I made her some soup as the fight had completely gone out of me. But I came back to ask you if she had always been an evil woman, or if something made her that way.

Gypsy: Hmmmm…..let me consult the cards…. Oh, I see! Well, the story the cards tell goes like this: Your step-mother was not always so old and ugly a person as she is today. In fact she was quite a woman in her prime! A person of considerable beauty and power, in fact, and the kind of woman who was smart like a fox and fierce as a lion and who had a little magic inside of her waiting to come out. She would have made a formidable Queen had she made a different decision when it came to being selfless instead of foolish. You see, she was madly in love with a prince who was a man of substance as well as looks which is what first caught the eye of your step-mother. She pursued the fellow obsessively always being optimistic that he would notice her and return the feelings she had for him. Unfortunately he saw her as superficial and vain. Many years went by and all her efforts to charm the prince seemed thwarted by fate and the fact remained that she wasn’t getting any younger. So she sought the council of a wizard who saw that she had no real love for this man and so cursed the prince and turned him into a donkey. He told her that the prince would fall in love with her and marry her if she could spend one night sleeping in the stable by his side. Alas, she was a vain woman, and could not bring herself to spend one second in a smelly stable with an ugly animal, heir to the throne or not.

Cindy: Most women, I hear, end up married to an ass….I don’t see what the problem was.

Gypsy: True! However, she didn’t believe that true love went deeper than big teeth and a furry hide and so she sealed her fate. The next day the spell wore off of the prince and he banished her from his kingdom forever. She never looked for love again and ended up bitterly married to an Inn keeper.

Cindy: Geez, that’s pretty harsh!

Gypsy: Fairy Tale stories aren’t entirely about happy endings my dear. Usually they’re about choices.

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