Tarot Fairy Tale Challenge: Day 3

The Gypsy blew gently on her basil tea and set the cup down in front of her, carefully regarding her friend the Fairy God-Mother over the rims of her glasses. The FGM had adopted her ‘crone’ physique for occasions such as this, where tea and gossip were involved but had the power to appear in a softer guise when counselling young maidens in matters of love.

Gypsy: So? How did it go?

FGM: Surprisingly well. Cinderella certainly was a surprise, wasn’t she?

Gypsy: Yes, indeed! Who would have thought that she’d show up at the ball As-Is, Where-Is?

FGM: Well, I had a back-up plan…you know…just in case she planned on wearing the get-up I Bibbity-bobbity-booed for her.

Gypsy: I don’t know how she resisted wearing such a beautiful gown. (Gesturing to the corseted taffeta and angel wing day-dream of a dress hanging in the closet behind them).

FGM: I swear, I’m getting better at designing these things every time….maybe I should have a side business?

Gypsy: So what was the back-up plan?

FGM: Those! (She said pointing at the glass slippers sitting on the kitchen window sill so as to cast millions of tiny rainbows across the room).

Gypsy: Glass slippers? Not exactly comfy to dance in? What was the point there?

FGM: Uncomfortable yes…and fragile…and ill fitting…I was counting on her losing or breaking one at some point during the party and her ash-dusted feet would have easily given her away. No amount of gossamer would hide her origins. If she hadn’t gone in her own rags she would have been found out one way or another and would still have had to come clean (pardon the pun) with her prince.

Gypsy: Seems like you had it in for the poor girl.

FGM: Honey, I’m a tough-love kind of Fairy God-Mother. Cinderella needed to realize her inherent worth and to realize that the light that she seeks outside of herself actually resides within her already. She just needed to go within to find the strength to reveal it…neither outcome would have been easy and she suffered ridicule the way she handled it, but she chose to stay true to herself and now she doesn’t need me anymore.

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