TR Fairy Tale Challenge: Day 4

Meanwhile in another part of the fairy tale kingdom….

Peter sat brooding in the hammock perched a mere 15 feet above the floor where three cards lay along with a note scribbled in invisible ink by that wretched Gypsy. Peter was brooding because he’d already treated the parchment and coaxed it to reveal it’s secrets, a taunting message so ill deserved on his birthday (of all days!). It was her tradition to ‘read’ his cards for him each year, leaving them somehow mysteriously without his notice, as a foretelling of his year yet to come. Usually, Peter (who never called himself that!) looked forward to his fortune-telling gift as the cards always spoke of his grand adventures in Never-Never Land. This year was different, the message was sour and a rebuke somehow…not the kindly affirmation he was expecting.

He glared down at the cards, piercing them with a cold stare of contempt.

How dare she?…he thought. Sparks flew from the tips of his hair and his eyes glinted. Tinker bell crouched behind a cracked teacup on the dining table, sent by that nice man who made hats for some queen in another part of the kingdom. She had never seen Pan like this…and it frightened her a teensy bit.

The note was beginning to become invisible again, but Tinkerbell could still make out the gist of what it said…

A boy once was a hero…to all whom wanted to stay young at heart, but the boy no longer fits his own clothes, let alone his skin….

The boy, though magical he, can no longer hide from reality…

It’s time to put away those childish things, that he has played with for far to long..

Time to change your mind, your thoughts can both imprison and free you…

Time to stop with the pity, and mourning for all those things you have lost…

For you are no longer a ‘lost-boy’…so long as you remain in hiding, greater adventures will escape you…

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