Tarot Rebels Fairy Tale Challenge: Day’s 5, 6, 7

The Gypsy, upon leaving the house of the Fairy Godmother, entered the Enchanted Forest where she proceeded to get her foot stuck in a rabbit hole. She cursed under her breath, as mis-steps such as this could turn out to be fatal, depending on which part of the Enchanted wood one found oneself stuck. Various monsters and deceptively wicked creatures had taken advantage of such a situation as this. She looked around nervously as she tried to free her heel from a gnarled root that lay within the hole. Suddenly a white rabbit appeared out of the nearby brush, dressed only in a waist-coat and dragging an overly large pocket-watch behind him. The rabbit hopped a little closer wiggling his pink nose inquisitively.

“Come closer, magic rabbit, and help an old woman out of your trap”, called the Gypsy. She knew this was no ordinary rabbit, she knew he was much bolder and braver than his innocent and skittish countenance.

The rabbit rolled his eyes and stood up on his two hind legs and walked over to the struggling woman.

“I have need of your services first, fortune-teller. You see, there’s a certain girl who’s causing quite a ruckus within the kingdom and she’s infuriated the Queen so that she’s nearly gone insane!…all our heads are at risk of being separated from our necks! What’s worse is that she’s become friends with the Mad Hatter!”

“Oh, dear….how terrible for you”.

“You have no idea!” Squeaked the rabbit.

“Free me and I’ll give you whatever answers you seek”.

The rabbit waived the pocket watch over the hole (which suddenly grew in size) so the woman could easily remove her foot. After a short massage of the injured spot on her ankle the Gypsy set about shuffling the deck of cards she kept hidden in the folds of her ample skirt.

“You want to know why the Hatter is Mad, how Alice might get on the good side of the Queen of Hearts, and who really stole the tarts?”, she asked. The rabbit nodded vaguely as the Gypsy began drawing three cards from among the shuffled pack.

The Hatter, once loved a girl of some significance so deeply that he would have given his life for her. She, in turn, loved the Hatter back, but her father forbid any union between them because the lad was only a poor hat maker. The poor girl flung herself out the window of the tallest tower of her castle home, killing herself out of the immense grief she felt at being denied her true love. The Hatter came across her body, lying mangled and broken on the rocks at the base of the tower and at that moment his whole world was turned upside down. He went insane because of the shock of it.

Now it is no coincidence that Alice looks strikingly similar to the Hatters former love, and that he seeks to aid her in disrupting the Queen and all her plans. Turns out the Queen notices the resemblance as well which is why Alice gets under her Royal skin so… Alice would do well to play the blind fool, lacking any brains or malice, but keeping a hawks eye out for any sign of trouble. The Queen will get tired of someone who bores her rather than angers her and it is by this means that Alice can gain the upper hand. Surprise will be the key to victory, and Alice needs to be deceptively surprising.

As for who stole the Tarts? Does it really matter?… you supercilious hare! There is a fated union here between your Alice and the Hatter that portends of a righting of all that is wrong with your dear Kingdom. The Queen’s days are numbered so long as the spirit of Justice reigns supreme. You may want to rethink your loyalties and decide who you want to be working for when the Queen is finally deposed. For you see, Alice is Lady Justice, and the Hatter is her champion to the cause…..

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