February’s Month of Love Free Reading Promo

Starting February 1st, I’m offering readings to members of my Facebook group to say thanks and much love for all your support. As the theme of the month is love, I will be using the Four Chambers of the Heart Spread (from 365 Tarot Spreads by Sasha Graham) that is all about loving yourself so you can give more love to others.

“Give yourself over to your most valuable organ. The Four Chambers of the Heart Spread is based on the four chambers of your precious heart. Two of the Hearst chambers are the superior atria which are receiving chambers, connecting to the suits of Cups and Pentacles – the feminine, soft, and receptive suits. The Hearts other two chambers are the inferior ventricles which are discharging chambers, connecting to the suits of Swords and Wands – the masculine, hard and domineering suits.

The spread cast will reveal what blocks you from receiving love, how you can be more open to receiving love and what blocks you from giving love and how you can offer more. The fifth card is a wild card that reveals what surprise your heart has in store.

If you would like to participate in this free reading, then please contact me on the Book a Reading page on this blog and specify in the drop-down menu you’d like the February promo. Simply provide your name and birth sign so I may connect with you. I will message you a picture of your spread as well as your reading that will be emailed to as soon as I can perform the reading.

Consider the image above and meditate on the possibility that this card represents how the mind can be a killer to one’s heart. Do we not often over think things, sometimes to the point that we extinguish all feeling…all hope…all the love we could experience? How many times do we tell ourselves we are unloveable, unworthy of love, incapable of loving? These are more matters of overcoming the barbs of the mind than the capacity of our heart, so what if we could change the way we think of ourselves and of others. Could true happiness be within our grasp?

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