My own Four Chambers of the Heart reading

The following is my ode to February and Valentines Day where we all deserve to give and receive a little more love. The spread is based on 365 Tarot Spreads – The Four Chambers of the Heart Spread. I found it exceptionally insightful and inspiring.

Card 1: What is blocking me from receiving love?

The Tower represents for me the cataclysmic event that was the dissolution of my marriage. As is depicted in many RSW based versions, there often appears to be human bodies plummeting off the Tower towards the ground. For some, these unfortunate souls appear to have been cast off by the sheer force of the lightning strike, but an interesting interpretation I read gave rise to the idea that these people actively jumped. What I find intriguing about the Tower card (from Robert M. Places Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery) is that the Tower is fully ablaze when it is struck by lightning. Lightning lasts mere seconds, and fire from a strike takes time to build. I take this card to mean that the tower was already on fire long before the lightning (a sudden revelation perhaps?) found it’s mark. This was precisely my situation in my marriage, the tower was on fire for a long time and it was the sudden storm of change that bade me to take a fateful leap in order to escape being incinerated. A decision that desperate is not taken lightly nor easily grieved over. I had married and loved deeply once and will not find myself having to leap off another tower again.

Card 2: What can I do to receive more love?

The Eight of Cups shows a master craftsman putting the finishing touches on a cup that will ultimately be placed on the shelf with the others. Or will it? It seems as if the cup with it’s cover will not fit on the shelf amongst the others, so clearly this cup is special as it carries the lemniscate symbol of spirit as it enters matter. The person is a craftsman, clearly absorbed in his work. I think that this probably represents my focus on providing for my family the material things in life and that now I am focusing more inward. The key will be to remember to look up occasionally even from this new pursuit (which has been as of late, my tarot and esoteric studies) to be in the world where the people are.

Card 3: What is blocking me from giving love?

The Queen of cups regards her cup of mystery with a somewhat morose look. She is the mother figure, the provider of emotional support and guidance for her family. She holds the base so it doesn’t spill it’s contents, she is stability herself. But what would be wrong with opening the lid to look inside. Would there be some mercurial liquid with which to provide an alchemical reflection. Is who the Queen thinks she is, the de facto truth? Is she afraid to see the Crone, the Maiden who misspent her youth, or the visage of Death or the Devil himself? No it’s much easer to simply sit and contemplate the contents and dream up excuses why it’s better to leave the cup with it’s top secured. This is the conundrum I face, who am I without my children, my parents, my family to define and depend on me? What will I discover when I venture a peek inside the emotional vessel before me. Will I see regret and opportunities wasted or will I see the Queen, the Wild Woman, the Goddess or the Universe itself?

Card 4: What can I do to give more love?

The combination of Strength and will allows me to be in control of myself, to love unconditionally and to guide the creatures (ok I’ll call them who depend on me. I simply need to recognize this eternal strength in myself, to realize that the world is not a void and the Strength card reminds me that it is the virtue of my heart that can overcome the pain of the leap off the Tower.

The Wild Card:

The Ten of Swords, representing the Victim, Loss, Rejection and Injury shows a person clearly dead to the realm of the living, and if they’re not dead they surely will be if they try to sit up to get a look around. Luckily, I can take my cue from the Strength card who walks confidently away from the poor soul who by all accounts has been me. I sacrificed much in the fall from the Tower only to be speared by the pointed blades of my own thinking once I hit rock bottom. I’ve thought many self defeating, self victimizing thoughts that have kept me pinned to the ground and dead to the world around me, and it has been a very comfortable place to rest. But Strength beckons me to rise up and follow her, to become the Lion that is guided by her gentle and loving hand and to rejoin the land of the living.

My deepest appreciation to Robert M. Place for his amazing insights into the Tarot.

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