Tarot for Everyone!!!

I am starting a fan club of sorts in the small city I live in where I hope to attract members of a likeminded community of Tarotists and Oracle card readers.  Our local New Age and Used bookstore sells card decks, books on the subject and a huge variety of crystals and crystal jewellery and anything else you might need for your divination practice.  So from frequenting this place (as my second home) I know that lots of people shop there because they love the cards.  I have even gotten to know a few of them as I excitedly point out a deck that might resonate with them, or which book they might find helpful in their learning.  I can’t help but butt in sometimes when the subject of cards comes up.  But what I have also noticed is that people look worried about what people in the store might think about someone holding a Fairy or Angel Oracle deck… Or worse, a Vampire or Dark Angel Tarot deck.  After all, there are no shortage of religious opinions on the Satanic nature of fortune telling and my own struggle with Christianity has made me feel sometimes I was doing something wrong. Maybe Donald Trump has cured me of my Fundamental Christian angst, because I now believe that there is nothing wrong with me consulting the cards and that doing so has helped me more in my personal life and spiritual development than reading the Bible ever did.  And it is now that I feel ready to share my interest with others in hopes that we can all come together in an environment that supports our interest and learning without consternation, judgement or shame.  It is, in short, time for Cartomancy to come out of the closet.

But first a Confession:

When I first became serious, (I mean really, really, serious) about Tarot, I jumped into business building with a dear friend of mine who lived a whole hemisphere away.  I wasn’t ready (as I now know) to read cards for anyone, and I fell into that trap of thinking this was a way for me to make some extra money.  Coming from a place of lack instead of Abundance, it is no wonder that my dear friend had to call me on my interpretations and reign me in a little (ok, I needed a lot of reigning in), in order for me to see what was really happening.  I was making a fool out of myself, in short, and I realized it just in time before I’d made a complete disaster out of her reputation and mine.  I withdrew and looked at what was happening and realized that I had a lot to learn and that the cards were there to teach me.  Oh, those cheeky cards, knew just what to say and they didn’t mince words and the message was very clear: Relax, open your mind and hit the books.

That was almost two years ago and what I learned was that I know NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING about Tarot, it’s system, about how to read the cards, what every symbol and color means and how to do an accurate reading for someone.  Let me clarify….

By NOTHING, I mean NO-THING which to further clarify means I know NO-THING about Tarot cards or Oracle cards that isn’t totally subjective and based on my intuition, gut feeling and personal interpretation alone.  As Benebell Wen pointed out, there are a million books on Tarot cards out there and every single one has a different explanation of what one card means.  There is NO-THING that can be learned from the cards other than what you can see in them.  It is like a mirror that reflects whatever we see in it, depending on our interpretation and perception.

Case in point:

I recently owned the Law of Attraction Tarot by Lo Scarabeo and loved the modern-day take on the Major and Minor arcana. However, I was totally put off by some of the interpretations found in the accompanying guidebook. To me, they had nothing to do with the imagery and so I found this a very hard deck to work with. I got rid of it because I couldn’t see the relationship of an airplane to sex and I’m one of those people that don’t like to take big leaps when making a connection. But lots of people love this deck perhaps for that reason….they might love it because that image makes sense to them based on a personal experience they had or what symbolism they see. I might buy it again and totally scrap the guidebook in favour of interpretations I can make for myself…who knows….

THAT is what I love about the cards and why I collect them, and why I now want to start a group for card reading enthusiasts! Not because I feel the need to create a business, or teach classes or make any kind of a profit off what I do as a hobby, but because I want to know what others see when they look at their cards. I want to know why THEY chose a particular deck, what they learned from a book they read and how their journey has been. Most of all, I want to dispel some of the mystery, suspicion, shame and bring Tarot further into the light. I want people to use cards to help themselves and others and to grow and become better, happier people. I want to have fun and teach what little I know and learn whatever I can.

If you live in the Okanagan Valley and want to get in touch, please find my group on facebook at the Cartomancer’s Club of Vernon. I’ll be posting meet ups for Tea and Tarot starting in September. Hope to see you there!

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