Solving the Warped Card Problem

Has this ever happened to you?? You get a nice deck home, you open it up, sift through the cards and the next day you have a distinctive bow to your entire deck! This happened to me with a couple of my decks I had been working with over the course of a couple of days and it was upsetting for the fact that the cards would not lay flat on the table surface. (Shown below are RolePlaying Game cards but you’ll get the idea)

Several causes for this came to mind:

Change in temperature

Change in humidity

Less sturdy card stock

Type of Cardstock

I have found that this tends to happen to decks that I take out of the box and put into cloth bags so this leads me to believe that the atmosphere likely has a lot to do with this phenomenon. Also, if the deck comes from a dry or wet climate and then gets to me at my house where it might be drier or more humid, the change might affect the outside of the cards before the inside are causing the warp.

I checked on YouTube for video’s that would provide a solution and there were a few tricks that I thought I could try…

Ironing the cards on a flat surface covered front and back by folded tea towels or a sheet. This however made me nervous about scorching my deck so I looked for alternatives. (Wikihow shows you step by step how to do this with an iron or hairdryer)

The most time consuming but effective method was to lay the cards so the bend faced upwards and allowed them to sit for about a day or so. My room is pretty dry as I have a salt lamp and run an air purifier continuously which add some dryness to the air. Overnight I found my cards to be nearly flat. After several days of this method (table can only hold about 22 cards) I had the deck flattened but not to the snug fit I had when the deck was first opened. I’ve placed some Himalayan salt crystals inside the box with my deck to see if this had any further effect. The crystals didn’t change the flatness of the cards but I think I’ll keep them there just as a preventative measure. It’s also good for clearing negative energy so that’s a plus.

I’ve managed to score some silica gel packets (in some vitamin bottles, shoe boxes, purses, etc…) and will put those in the bags with my cards to see if there is a benefit.

Many Tarot forums have posts on this subject and I’m game to try pretty much anything except something (like kitty litter) that might permanently damage my cards.

Happy Flatening!

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