Reflections Of the Tarot

I've neglected this blog (among other things) for several months.  My intention was to draft an article a week, start a YouTube channel where I could review decks and wax philosophical, and host a Tarot Meet-Up group once a month.  Instead I found myself immersed (dare I say drowning) in work.  It got so bad... Continue Reading →

RainCoast Tarot – KickStarter

I'm all about supporting local (Canadian) independent publishers of Tarot decks.  This West Coast artist draws on traditional Hermetic influences and mingles with an illustrative talent reminiscent of poster art of the 70's.  This second limited edition comes in full color or in greyscale and is a must have for the Tarot Collector!  Click the... Continue Reading →

Madam Clara’s 5 Cent Tarot!!

I've recently backed this wonderful Kickstarter Tarot creation by Madam Clara.  This quaint and engaging Victorian themed deck is reminiscent of the fortunes dispensed at fairs and circuses.  The goals have nearly all been reached and I eagerly await delivery sometime in August!  There's still time to become a backer and an opportunity to win... Continue Reading →

The Crow Tarot

My latest obsession (aside from the acquisition of unique Tarot decks like the StarmanTarot) has been with Crows and Ravens. Since moving to British Columbia, I am keenly aware of the multitude of Ravens and Crows that populate the Okanagan Valley. These birds carry a dubious and dark reputation as thieves, marauders, pests and killers... Continue Reading →

STARMAN Tarot: Review

David Bowie wasn't my favourite pop singer back in the 80's I must admit. I wasn't a fan of pop singers wearing makeup and dying their hair...not that I held any prejudices one way or another, it's just that it wasn't a genre of music that appealed to me. I did love many of his... Continue Reading →

October update

It's been a rocky ride from August until October, both personally and professionally. I've dealt with finding my inner truth and speaking it authentically to those I know and love. Relationships have endured an unprecedented level of stress, stretch and strain...seeking to find balance and peace has never seemed so difficult and yet so necessary.... Continue Reading →

Tarot for Everyone!!!

I am starting a fan club of sorts in the small city I live in where I hope to attract members of a likeminded community of Tarotists and Oracle card readers.  Our local New Age and Used bookstore sells card decks, books on the subject and a huge variety of crystals and crystal jewellery and... Continue Reading →

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