Madam Clara’s 5 Cent Tarot!!

I've recently backed this wonderful Kickstarter Tarot creation by Madam Clara.  This quaint and engaging Victorian themed deck is reminiscent of the fortunes dispensed at fairs and circuses.  The goals have nearly all been reached and I eagerly await delivery sometime in August!  There's still time to become a backer and an opportunity to win... Continue Reading →

STARMAN Tarot: Review

David Bowie wasn't my favourite pop singer back in the 80's I must admit. I wasn't a fan of pop singers wearing makeup and dying their hair...not that I held any prejudices one way or another, it's just that it wasn't a genre of music that appealed to me. I did love many of his... Continue Reading →

Alchemystic Woodcut Tarot: A Review

  I've never been gifted a Tarot deck before. That is until Tarot deck creator, D.W. Prudence contacted me with an offer to receive The Alchemystic Woodcut Tarot to review. I'd seen Benebell Wen's review on the deck and became intrigued with the colors, the woodcuts themselves , and the idea of 'collecting' this deck... Continue Reading →

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