No posts for the week

Hi there readers. Just wanted to let you know I'll be doing my best to catch up the Tarot Fairy Tale Challenge next week as I've suffered a loss in the family and have no desire to pull cards or blog at the moment. Thank you for your being here on this blog. Your presence... Continue Reading →


Tarot Rebels Fairy Tale Challenge: Day’s 5, 6, 7

The Gypsy, upon leaving the house of the Fairy Godmother, entered the Enchanted Forest where she proceeded to get her foot stuck in a rabbit hole. She cursed under her breath, as mis-steps such as this could turn out to be fatal, depending on which part of the Enchanted wood one found oneself stuck. Various... Continue Reading →

TR Fairy Tale Challenge: Day 4

Meanwhile in another part of the fairy tale kingdom.... Peter sat brooding in the hammock perched a mere 15 feet above the floor where three cards lay along with a note scribbled in invisible ink by that wretched Gypsy. Peter was brooding because he'd already treated the parchment and coaxed it to reveal it's secrets,... Continue Reading →

Tarot Fairy Tale Challenge: Day 3

The Gypsy blew gently on her basil tea and set the cup down in front of her, carefully regarding her friend the Fairy God-Mother over the rims of her glasses. The FGM had adopted her 'crone' physique for occasions such as this, where tea and gossip were involved but had the power to appear in... Continue Reading →

Tarot Fairytale Challenge: Day 2

....Where Cinderella returns to question the Gypsy about why her step-mother is evil.....after all, to win a battle of any kind, one must know your enemy! Cindy: I took your advice, old woman, and returned home to reclaim my power and confront my evil step-mother. Instead I came home to find my step mother crying... Continue Reading →

Tarot Fairytale Challenge: Day 1

December's Tarot Challenge on Tarot Rebels Facebook group starts off with an unusual prompt: "What if Cinderella went to the ball in her regular clothes?". For this challenge I chose the Tarots of the Golden Dawn (1995 Lo Scarabeo) deck and laid three cards out as in a past, present, future type of spread as... Continue Reading →

It’s been a 9’s sort of week…

November has never been, historically, a great month for me being an introverted person. My birth numerology is 9 and I am, according to my birth numbers, a Hermit. Being a Hermit in November when the sun is decidedly absent behind a blanket of cloud, probably makes me depressed. Not to the point of a... Continue Reading →

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