Is Tarot a Tool for the Devil, or a Connection to Our Higher Power?

I recently saw a post by a member of a Tarot card group asking if it was OK to believe in Jesus Christ and still work with Tarot and Oracle cards. The concern she had was if Jesus would condemn her because of her belief in the cards. You may recall Doreen Virtue, whose multi-million... Continue Reading →


It’s been a 9’s sort of week…

November has never been, historically, a great month for me being an introverted person. My birth numerology is 9 and I am, according to my birth numbers, a Hermit. Being a Hermit in November when the sun is decidedly absent behind a blanket of cloud, probably makes me depressed. Not to the point of a... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts as I delve into Shadow-work

“There can be no greater work, no more daunting of a challenge than to dive headlong into the murky depths of the subconscious...with hopes of retrieving some glimmering small treasure that restores a piece of our lost selves to it’s rightful place.” - Author Unknown This is the essence of ‘Shadow Work’, the capture and... Continue Reading →

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