Nursing is a lot like Witchcraft: My Two Sephora’s Worth

In this Trumpified era of 'witch hunts' and offence and indignation, it seems appropriate that even something as simple as a 'kit' for creating a personal ritual could turn into a political debate. The 'rightness' or 'wrongness' of someone's personal practice and therefore connection with the spiritual is no one else's business, except (so it... Continue Reading →

Coloring My Own Tarot: Part I

I am planning a summer project where I will be colouring my own Tarot deck. The project is one started by Benebell Wen (my mystic guru in all things Tarot) called The Spirit Keepers Tarot which she has designed and offered completely for free to the public. I cannot give props enough to Benebell for... Continue Reading →

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