October update

It's been a rocky ride from August until October, both personally and professionally. I've dealt with finding my inner truth and speaking it authentically to those I know and love. Relationships have endured an unprecedented level of stress, stretch and strain...seeking to find balance and peace has never seemed so difficult and yet so necessary.... Continue Reading →

It’s been a 9’s sort of week…

November has never been, historically, a great month for me being an introverted person. My birth numerology is 9 and I am, according to my birth numbers, a Hermit. Being a Hermit in November when the sun is decidedly absent behind a blanket of cloud, probably makes me depressed. Not to the point of a... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts as I delve into Shadow-work

“There can be no greater work, no more daunting of a challenge than to dive headlong into the murky depths of the subconscious...with hopes of retrieving some glimmering small treasure that restores a piece of our lost selves to it’s rightful place.” - Author Unknown This is the essence of ‘Shadow Work’, the capture and... Continue Reading →

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