October update

It's been a rocky ride from August until October, both personally and professionally. I've dealt with finding my inner truth and speaking it authentically to those I know and love. Relationships have endured an unprecedented level of stress, stretch and strain...seeking to find balance and peace has never seemed so difficult and yet so necessary.... Continue Reading →

Tarot for Everyone!!!

I am starting a fan club of sorts in the small city I live in where I hope to attract members of a likeminded community of Tarotists and Oracle card readers. ¬†Our local New Age and Used bookstore sells card decks, books on the subject and a huge variety of crystals and crystal jewellery and... Continue Reading →

Tarot: A kind of Quantum computer?

I first became familiar with Quantum theory back in 2010 when I was a nursing student completing my acute psychiatry placement. One of the patients there was a Native man who suffered from bipolar disorder, but who is also one of this country's most brilliant minds when it comes to Quantum physics. In order to... Continue Reading →

The Moon in Tarot

I recently did a reading for a friend where the moon showed up in five cards from The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan.  It was a result I felt was even more significant than the cards portraying the moon themselves and it brought me to look a little bit into the significance of the moon […]

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