STARMAN Tarot: Review

David Bowie wasn't my favourite pop singer back in the 80's I must admit. I wasn't a fan of pop singers wearing makeup and dying their hair...not that I held any prejudices one way or another, it's just that it wasn't a genre of music that appealed to me. I did love many of his... Continue Reading →

My own Four Chambers of the Heart reading

The following is my ode to February and Valentines Day where we all deserve to give and receive a little more love. The spread is based on 365 Tarot Spreads - The Four Chambers of the Heart Spread. I found it exceptionally insightful and inspiring. Card 1: What is blocking me from receiving love? The... Continue Reading →

When Tragedy Strikes

I used to ask where God was when tragedy struck the world.  That was when I was young.  Now I ask where humanity is when it seems that the more things change and the more time goes by the more things seem the same and appear to be going backwards. How does anyone make sense... Continue Reading →

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